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posted Feb 12, 2013, 7:41 PM by Chris B
So its been 2-3 weeks +/- 3 weeks (plus another week) so its probably time for an update. I'm currently building the last set of DD boards I ordered and...that will probably be it for a while (don't worry, if you're on the wait list I haven't forgotten). I may poke around with the IBus-only version a bit more and if it gets built I'll be posting it here. In the mean time I have a few other projects that need attention. To everyone that's already bought a board i'll still be supporting it with a much needed app update...eventually. Driving my car again as the weather warms up will likely inspire me to get it to a more presentable state. I'll also be looking into the kickstarter project I mentioned a while back but at this point it may be a longshot. Thanks for all your emails along the way that kept the project moving (slowly).