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Old Theme

posted Dec 29, 2014, 6:21 PM by Chris B
The theme of these posts is that its too long between posts. I haven't had time to work on this project in over a year and that is beyond my self imposed limit of keeping it trapped on my hard drive. As such, you will now see schematics and code snippets on the main page. Do with it what you please but understand, I cannot provide any support. You are on your own. Blogs will not be updated. Email questions will go unanswered. All you will have is a couple pages of data, your wits, and....the entire internet to search for help....which is more than any EE student had that started college in the 90's. 
This is a moderately complex design that you can still do at home if you have some experience with embedded systems (I did!). Its a good project for those who are reaching the limits of arduino and want to take the next step. If you can build this, you can build pretty much any device you desire. But don't stop here, add bluetooth! Add high current charging! Put in all the missing commands! Fix audio source switching! Emails about cool improvements will be read!

Now get out there and do it!