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Off the face of the Earth

posted Jun 24, 2013, 10:58 AM by Chris B
Off the East Coast anyway. I've been MIA for months since I'm in the middle of moving cross country. All of my prototyping tools were packed up in April to convince buyers that my house might be suitable for normal people. All of my time was devoted to hunting down records and fixing those last few things I never got around to while I was teaching myself Java and breathing solder fumes in my bedroom. Its all over now...because I'm homeless and job-less. I'll hopefully be living in my new house next week. And for everyone that isn't me (and my wife) who reads this, my unemployment is good news. Until I find a new job out west I'll have nothing to do but ride my bike and work on my projects. S0 I'm saying there is a chance! I may finish the lot that is currently packed away in a shipping container and depending on how bleak my full time prospects are...I may even follow through with the kickstarter to produce enough boards for everyone! In summary, all of my cross country driving is why I haven't been updating the site or responding to emails. But thanks for all of your continued support and interest.