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posted Dec 27, 2012, 9:44 PM by Chris B
As you may have seen, I've made some changes to the Android IBus page that will hopefully explain the project more clearly. I've even resorted to youtube for a quick demo of the project. I've received a bunch of emails asking if the board is available. The answer is...sometimes. I've done two very small prototype runs so far where I've sold all of my spares. I will be making a third (and perhaps final) run in January since they are somewhat tedious to assemble. But don't worry! If I get through the last prototype run quickly and still have enough interest, I'm going to try my hand at to make a larger (but still small) run of 100 units or so. If it all goes through, I'll be open sourcing all of the app software as well to allow everyone the freedom to use it how they please...and so the user base isn't held hostage by my dubious Java skills. Stay tuned for the next post in 2-3 weeks (+/- 2-3 weeks)